Staff Applications

Please include the following when submitting an application,
and title the thread as "Staff Application - {your username}".

Minecraft Username:
Age (You must be 15 or older to apply):
Which server are you applying for?:
Have you previously been banned from any servers?:
Why do you want to be part of our staff team?:
How long have you played on our network?:
Do you have Teamspeak / Skype / Discord (Include usernames, and the numbers after your username for Discord):
Do you have any experience in server Moderation?:
Can you put in 10 hours of playtime each week?:
Tell us about yourself (what you like to do, etc..):

These questions do not count against you. Answer these questions as if you were already a Helper on the server.

1. A player is having trouble getting power to their quarry, what do you do?
2. Two players are arguing in the public chat, what do you do?
3. A player is having trouble getting power to their machines (both MJ and EU machines) what do you do?
4. A player asks you what the max size you're allowed to build the Molecular Assembly Chamber (MAC), what is your response?

Why should we accept your application?:

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