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Kicked for 'Misconduct'

Discussion in 'Punishment Appeal' started by lividtex, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. lividtex

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    Dec 29, 2017
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    During a recent server restart I was crafting with 34 copper ingots trying to make bronze ingots using the tin in my inventory. The server restarted and I lost my copper ingots. I used the helpop feature twice with the same message when I returned to ask if anything could be done about the copper ingots I lost. I recognize I probably didn't wait long enough between helpop pings (I estimate ~3min wait time). I'm assuming this is what was meant by misconduct.

    It's my second day on the server and I'm just looking to get started. Is there a time limit on the kick?
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  2. Calamora

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    Jun 20, 2017
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    I apologize for kicking you without explanation.

    Kicked for 'misconduct' is the default message told to people when we /kick someone, at the moment i was doing some heavy lifting with the server and whitelist was supposed to be on, you joined before i could turn it on. so i had to kick you to get the max power back for me untill i was done. as i said, sorry for kicking without explanation.

    All items lost i will refund. (Update: Refunded.)

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